Why Volunteer?

Because you can make a difference!

Volunteers serve as the positive role models students look to for guidance, knowledge, and an example of success. Volunteers have the opportunity to change the future for these students by helping them develop work-readiness skills in a global economy, by ensuring they know how to manage their personal finances, and by encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit that will drive them to success in school, in their career, and in life. You have the opportunity to educate and inspire the future leaders of our community!

What is the Role of a Junior Achievement Volunteer?
JA volunteers are the messengers of free enterprise. Volunteers teach fun-filled, easy to follow lessons, while bringing their own personal experiences in business, personal finance and career preparation into the classroom.

Volunteers are provided with comprehensive training, all inclusive materials, and are asked to commit just one hour per week for 5-7 weeks to teach a class. They inspire students of various ages and backgrounds to set high goals and achieve personal success. Check out this video to see how JA volunteers really make a difference.

To learn more about the curriculum taught by JA volunteers, please visit our Classroom Programs page.

Who are Junior Achievement Volunteers?
JA volunteers come from all walks of life, but they all have a common vision: sharing a message of hope and opportunity with each and every young person they reach. We invite you to read about one of our exemplary volunteers in our Volunteer Spotlight.

Ready to get started?  You can now sign up for opportunities online!  





Please watch for further information regarding volunteering opportunities in Lee County.

To Become a JA Volunteer, please either click on the link above and sign up, contact the program department at (239)225-2590, or complete the Volunteer Information Form here on our website.

Already a volunteer? Don’t forget to fill out the Volunteer Class Completion Form after completing the program with your class.

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